aroma M Beauty Camellia Cleansing Oil a Glowing Review on Lola's Secret Beauty Blog January 09 2016

"If you are among the many who have become obsessed with cleansing oils, then you owe it to yourself to add aroma M Beauty Camellia Oil to the top of your list. This luxurious handcrafted gem is the creation of world renown perfumer Maria McElroy, and therefor the delectable scent, alone, is enough to win you over. However, this ultra luxurious cleansing oil does an enviable job in its ability to deeply penetrate the skin to draw out more than just surface dirt and makeup and it's suitable for all skin types...Overall Assessment: This an extraordinary Cleansing Oi, and I highly recommend it! A+"

Artisan Craft: Aroma M Hits the High Notes- in Vanity Fair November 21 2015

"The pursuit of perfume perfection took Maria McElroy of Aroma M years of study all over the world. She recently moved her atelier from DUMBO to Bushwick, Brooklyn, where she creates her cult favorite fragrances and beauty oils. Originally a painter with an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, she is inspired by color, her years living in Japan, and a romantic imagination. From globally sourced ingredients, to mixing fragrances drop by drop, to hand-packaging her bottles with exquisite imported papers, McElroy does things the hard way, producing premium products backed by 20 years of experience. ..." read the full article

Boom! Camellia Cleansing Oil featured in Organic Spa Magazine August 17 2015

Product Review: Aroma M Camellia Cleansing Oil ~ TINSELCREATION August 05 2015

"This product is a rich emollient oil that penetrates deeply to draw out impurities and is suitable for all skin types.” Its ingredients (all organic) are camellia seed oil, rice bran oil, golden jojoba oil, vitamin E, and essential oils of neroli, yuzu, rosemary, and frankincense. No silicones, no fillers, no synthetic preservatives!

This cleanser is a small luxury, and one that gives lasting benefits. If you’re considering the “oil cleansing method,” this is a beautiful way to dip into it."

EauMg reviews Aroma M Geisha Blanche Perfume Oil August 05 2015

"I know it’s cliché, but when it gets hot like this in the summer I want to wear perfumes that smell clean. I want to smell like fancy soap. aroma M Geisha Blanche is one of those “fancy soap” florals.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – Clean green floral AKA fancy guest soaps. And sometimes I want a perfume like that."

AROMA M BEAUTY- CAMELLIA CLEANSING OIL review on The Non Blonde June 01 2015

"Aroma M Camellia Oil feels and works like a massage oil. The added bonus is the exquisite scent of the oil (Maria McElroy of Aroma M is an accomplished perfumer), one's old nightly routine becomes more luxurious and restorative. The first few seconds after cleansing you notice just how soft and smooth your skin is..Bottom Line: a highly effective treat."

The Green and Wellness blog by Hello Dollface - AROMA M INTRODUCES A CLEANSING OIL AND HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW June 01 2015

"I was thrilled to get a chance to try a sample of the new Aroma M Beauty Camellia Cleansing oil. I applied it to my face including eyes, then wiped off with a tissue. I always like to rinse off with warm water than pat dry. My skin was left looking clean and feeling soft."

Geisha Violet, Amber rouge + Noire at Perfumed Maze March 15 2015

Geisha Violet
The weather is beginning to lift into something resembling spring here in Scotland, inspiring fresh perfume choices. All those rich ambers and dark vanillas begin to feel a bit stuffy...What's needed is a metaphorical throwing-open of windows to let in fresh spring air. The combination of violet and/or lilac can tend, in some perfumes, to smell like posh hand-soap, but there's a freshness in Geisha Violet that reminds me of the scent of crushed bluebells underfoot as you walk through woods in May.
Geisha Amber Rouge
Where Geisha Noire is sensual rather than obviously provocative, Geisha Amber Rouge beckons us into femme fatale-like territory.
Honestly it's like having top grade warm Manuka honey drizzled onto your skin while nearby someone smokes on a hookah filled with rich Arabian tobacco! This is how Jessica Rabbit would smell, if cartoons were to have a smell! I love Geisha Amber Rouge's rich decadence.
Read the full review at the Perfumed Maze.

Geisha Amber Rouge + aroma M Bespoke reviewed on indieperfumes March 15 2015

"This is a perfume to ignite inner fire if there ever was one; Oriental in style but modern in execution, the spices are enhanced and tempered by the amber accord. Not at all shy, in fact quite bold, for all that it still holds closely if tenaciously to the skin. It makes wonderful aromatic company for a quiet time, either alone or as an enhancement to romance, for that strong character held within ultra soft ornamental flourishes."
Read the full review at indieperfumes.

Geisha Green by Aroma M - Chinoiserie! March 15 2015

"Geisha Green has the kind of powder I love - delicate, citric and sherbet-like. It ties all these loose threads together for me conceptually; the beautiful mannequin - Coppelia - in the ballet of that name, a porcelain, powdery, oriental with hints of green that makes me want to wear a pale green silk dress with chinoiserie-style blossoms, crimson lip stain and elegantly coiffed hair. It's a high maintenance sort of aesthetic, and not one I'd aspire to on a daily basis! But when the occasion calls for a polished feel, Geisha Green is perfect."
Read the full review at Perfumed Maze.

Geisha Amber Rouge on The Non Blonde January 14 2015

"Aroma M Geisha Amber Rouge moves between two opposites: the comforting and the dangerous. The gourmand facet is more prominent at first. From memories of childhood hard candy (the Husband says butterscotch) to a blend of baking spices: clove, cinnamon, star anise (I smell more of the latter while the Blond gets all the clove). Maria McElroy has a very delicate hand and never goes over the top with either: it's not too literal nor extremely sweet. More of a suggestion, of images appearing and forming in the very light incense smoke at the end of the room, then disintegrating as new ones appear above the censer."

The Top 14 Luxury Face Oils in 2014 - Camellia Face Oil pick on Lola's Secret Beauty Blog January 02 2015

Colognoisseur Best of 2014- Camellia Perfume January 02 2015

"aromaM Camellia- Indie Perfumer Maria McElroy makes what I think is her most personal perfume to date. Camellia takes you more than skin deep right to the soul of a geisha in a subtle floral constructed around the titular note."

Now Smell This -The best of 2014- Best Natural Perfume aroma M Camellia. January 02 2015

"A perfume follow-up to the brand’s luxurious natural hair oil and face oil, Aroma M Camellia is a lush yet delicate botanical fragrance that perfectly encapsulates an East-West, modern-retro sensibility."

The Non Blonde-2014 In Perfume: My Top Picks & Wow Moments. January 02 2015

The Showstoppers

"Aroma M- Camellia. A natural perfume that manages to smell like a classic French creation."

EauMG’s Winter 2014/2015 Geisha Noire Perfume Pick December 29 2014

"aroma M Geisha Noire perfume oil – Geisha Noire is a dense, powdery amber. It’s sultry stuff."

REFINERY29 -Perfumes That Remind Us Of Hollywood's Most Intoxicating Personalities...For the Elizabeth Taylor - Geisha Noire. December 23 2014



"Strong, confident, beguiling, and perhaps demanding of man-servants, this scent is for the woman who can channel Cleopatra in one breath and a Southern belle in another. This fragrance is meant to be worn at night, and the unique blend of Oriental spices, fruits, and flowers is designed to lower inhibitions. Not that she has any, but…"

Aroma M Holiday Party! November 30 2014

Camellia Perfume Review on Green Beauty Blog - Hello Doll Face November 30 2014

"Speaking of fragrances, Aroma M Camellia Perfume was released recently and WOW, its a winner. This is what I would call my ‘going out perfume’ used for special occasions.

All natural and organic, this perfume is dreamy yet sophisticated.  I was instantly impressed, although given my love for the other wonderful Aroma M products, I shouldn’t have been surprised!

The blend of scents that make up this perfume sounds like a walk through a fragrant garden: jasmine, gardenia, neroli, geranium, rose, combined with frankincense  and camellia essential oil.

This perfume rivals any of the best that I have ever tried. I highly recommend it."

Hello Doll Face

New Perfume Review on Colognoisseur aroma M Camellia- Geisha at Rest. November 23 2014

"My imagination takes me to the table where a geisha sits at the end of the evening. She looks in the mirror and uses her camellia oil make-up remover to uncover the person beneath the façade. As the woman underneath the geisha reveals herself she unpins the gardenia from her hair and removes her kimono still holding the scent of the frankincense burning in the main areas of the house. The rose and jasmine also from her hair lies next to the gardenia. As she lies down to sleep the remnants of the camellia oil reminds her who she is before closing her eyes."

Camellia Perfume Review on Seed to Serum November 05 2014

"So you switched to natural perfumes and haven't found anything that rivals your favorite Sephora scent? I think I've found an answer. Say hello to Aroma M Camellia Perfume Oil. It is the closest I've found to that traditional bold floral with a hint of earthiness scent. A little bit Chanel, a little bit Hermes, entirely unique."

New Beauty Magazine Features Camellia Body Oil. October 23 2014

"Aroma M Beauty Camellia Body/Bath Oil harnesses the power of camellia oil in a luxurious formula to transform the standard bath into an extremely relaxing and nourishing experience."

La Dame aux Camélias a review of aroma M Camellia Perfume October 05 2014

"Camellia seduces less by her presence but by her charming and seamless floral bouquet of classy, classic blooms; jasmine, neroli, gardenia, rose and geranium, which gives them all a viridian, fresh daytime edge, a flowery deep breath to invigorate and inspire you. The gardenia note in particular is slanted sparkling green by the geranium and does all it can to make those flowers sing.
Sing they certainly do from top notes to finish some long time later, but they also have an orchestra of luscious frankincense to accompany them. And such a virtuoso performance it is, too.”
Read more at The Alembicated Genie.

Indieperfumes - Geisha Blanche/Geisha Noire by Aroma M and Camellia October 05 2014

"Fully natural, instantly intoxicating and almost shockingly powerful, it combines in one the delicacy and detail of floral beauty with sultry power, in the classical tradition of seductive white floral perfume.
Camellia expands and magnifies the idea behind the beauty product’s delicate fragrance, to be one of the most immediately and gloriously stunning of all the natural perfumes I have encountered.”

Read more at indieperfumes.