Perfume Voluptuous Nostalgia

Roma! An American girl with a full skirt and Hollywood sunglasses rides on the back of a Vespa, swerving through the ancient, teaming streets of Rome with her Italian lover, flashing his brilliant smile around every curve. Secret meetings at the Piazza Navona, gelato at the Trevi Fountain, draped in Fortuny velvet at the Teatro dell’ Opera. A Roman holiday captured in a bottle.

Voluptuous Nostalgia gives a nod to vintage glamorous Rome, with heady notes of Muget and Gardenia. The ancient scent of Ambergris is evocative of Rome’s antiquity, and Tonka Bean sets the tone for a more modern twist. Amber and Violet combine to add just the right amount of romance.

 Aroma M’s Voluptuous Nostalgia Fragrance, a postcard from Rome guided by a butterfly fluttering through time.  

Voluptuous Nostalgia is held in a hand etched French bottle, wrapped in vintage hand dyed velvet.   Limited edition 1.7 oz.