Geisha Eau de Parfum

Geisha eau de parfums enhancing the pleasures of the senses

Enhancing the pleasures of the senses even before they are sprayed onto the skin, Aroma M's three signature eau de parfums — Geisha O-cha, Geisha Nobara-cha, and Geisha Hana-cha — now come embellished with exquisite artisinal décor.

In a stroke of simplicity, their flacons have been wallpapered with one of several patterns of lush-to-the- touch Yuzen papers, created for Aroma M by craftsmen in Kyoto. Yuzen papers are famed for their traditional use in origami.

In addition, all three perfumes now come with their own couture hand sewn drawstring pouch, made of a richly textured kimono-cloth crepe known as Chirimen.