Bespoke Perfumes


For the Person Who Has Everything!


The Aroma M Slow Luxury Bespoke Perfume Experience.

Commission a scent unlike any other in the Entire World!

Maria McElroy has created bespoke scents for some of the most intriguing people in the world and now offers this experience for those desiring a signature scent.

Consultations take place at the Aroma M Atelier in Hoboken, a process that takes about three weeks.

The Experience comes in two versions:

1    For individuals

2    For couples. Deepen your love bond by co-creating scents for each other like your favorite song! Fragrance notes can interplay and keep you close, everyday or for special love rituals!

Famous for hunting down rare essences—Amber from Morocco, Yuzu from Japan—to use in her hand-blended natural fragrances, Maria McElroy is the go-to nose and Aromatherapist for a bespoke signature fragrance. The process involves working directly with Maria McElroy, master perfumer and founder of Aroma M, to craft a customized original natural fragrance, at the Aroma M Atelier. Once created, this formula will be the only one like it in the world and available only to you. The fragrance development process involves the following steps:

FRAGRANCE SKETCHING: Details and inspiration for the desired fragrance are discussed with Maria. Drawing on her knowledge and expertise of raw materials, Maria will create a unique outline that will form the foundation of the fragrance.

BLENDING: In the most traditional fashion drop by drop the fragrance will begin to take shape and the olfactive notes and accords perfectly matched to the client's desired experience.

FRAGRANCE FITTING: The resulting fragrance is presented to the client to be worn and experienced. Clients are encouraged to take as much time as needed to sit with the fragrance. Adjustments can be made at this time.

FINAL APPLICATION: On completion, each bespoke fragrance is catalogued and available only to the client. Once your perfume is created, you are the only one who can ever order it, no one else will ever smell like you. The perfume can be ordered whenever you like.

Aroma M bespoke fragrances from $750.00.

Please contact for appointments and details.