Geisha BOTAN Roll-on Perfume Oil

$ 60.00

Just imagine: enchanting peonies, transformed into invisible irezumi to beautify the skin and its surroundings.

Peony tattoos are still widely in evidence in Japan today. But now these exquisite flowers can enhance the skin in yet another way—in the form of Aroma M’s warm, beckoning young (but not too innocent) Geisha Botan. The scent starts off with the honeyed aroma of peony blended with an kick of rose. Then come the mid-notes: soothing sandalwood, intoxicating vanilla and velvet woods. Already the wearer has been transported to a forest glade. The base notes, which add durability, are that dry, earthy forest lichen, oakmoss, accented with a touch of animal, feral musk.

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