Geisha Perfume Botan

$ 110.00

Just imagine: enchanting peonies, transformed into invisible irezumi to beautify the skin and its surroundings.

What to wear with Geisha Botan? How about a mix of traditional and modern?  Oversize sweater, denim jacket, leopard-print neck scarf, flowing, ankle-length skirt or wide-legged pants, suede sneakers or penny loafers—pulled together with a silk obi belt. As for the attendant makeup, we see it being light, soft and natural.

As for when to wear Geisha Botan?  How about anytime from, say, noon to late, late night. The more it surrounds you, the more it will soothe your psyche and entice those in your surroundings. 

peony, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, velvet woods, forest lichen, oakmoss and musk

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